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Cow Descending
Palace #2



480 Gate Five Road, Sausalito, CA 94965

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Phone: 415-673-0802
E*mail: send us an e*mail

Gallery/Showroom Hours: by appointment


  • Browse our Online Gallery of Artwork

    Our online gallery allows you to browse by type of art as well as by artist name. You can order the piece of artwork right online (we use PayPal which allows you to pay by all major credit cards, debit card or electronic "check" and you do NOT need to have a paypal account to pay this way so it is easy, safe and secure). You can also choose to have the artwork shipped to you, or you can pay online and arrange to pick it up in the gallery and save the cost of shipping.

  • Events

    Check our calendar for details.

  • Schedule of Special Exhibitions

    You can check our schedule to see if we have any upcoming special exhibitions that would be fun to come see.

  • E*mail Alerts on Targeted Artwork

    Sign up for our e*mail alerts and tell us a little something about type of artwork you tend to like, and we'll send your a quick e*mail when that type of work comes into our gallery. Just a quick way to keep up on the styles you so love.

  • Home Design and Corporate Collections

    If you would like a CD of many of the images and works featured at our Gallery, just ask! It is our desire to assist you in your business of bringing original art works into your home or office. We offer a wide range of art both functional and decorative. Art makes a statement of quality and originality. Request our art on CD and see what you like!

  • Commissioned Custom Artwork

    Many of our artists can create custom artwork for you. Fill out the form of what you are seeking, the style, colors, budget, timeframe, etc. and we'll see if we match an artist in our extensive network that can produce the piece you are seeking. Some times our commission requests come from interior designers or architectural firms but we also get commission requests from home-owners and prospective home-owners.

  • Local Artwork Delivery and Installation

    The gallery will gladly deliver work locally and assist clients in finding an appropriate place for their art. We are also available to deliver and install artworks directly in their homes and businesses. Please contact the gallery to make an appointment. Delivery fee for artwork 3 feet or smaller within the city of San Francisco is free. Delivery fee is $75.00 for larger items or any item outside the city but within the San Francisco bay area. Items requiring special handling will cost extra. On-site installation is available for a fee of $50.00 per hour.

  • Partial Payment Plans

    Since art often represents a sizable investment, in some circumstances it can be a good alternative to make partial payments towards the piece of art you want. In our Three Month Plan, the total cost of the purchase is divided into three monthly payments interest-free (plus the initial payment at the beginning of the Layaway Plan, for a total of 4 payments). In the Custom Plan, for artwork over a certain price point, we will be happy to work with you to develop your preferred payment schedule. Please inquire.

  • Website Development

    We've been making websites for artists and small businesses since 1994. We have the sensibility of a small business and an artistic eye. Let us help you get an online presence for your art or small business. Please inquire.

    Testimonial: "You are worth your weight in gold!" - Great Finds, Walnut Creek, CA


  • Workshops & Demos

    We understand the business side of the art business and often artists - whose main focus is their creativity and creation of their artwork, need a little help with managing the operational side of being an artist. We provide short, affordable workshops on topics such as how to write an artist statement, how to prepare a portfolio, how to approach galleries, how to market your work online, etc. See our workshop schedule for available upcoming classes.

  • Commissioned Custom Artwork Referrals

    When collectors, interior designers and other clients request custom pieces of artwork, we call upon our represented atists first to fill the request. If you are an artist that works in commissioned art, this can be another source of business for you.

  • Website Development

    We've been making websites for artists and small businesses since 1994. We have the sensibility of a small business and an artistic eye. Let us help you get an online presence for your art or small business. Please inquire.


Artist Submissions

Ordering Policies


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To purchase artwork please call the gallery at 415-673-0802 or e*mail us to discuss any piece you may be interested in or with any questions.
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Click here to sign up for our E*mail Exhibition Announcements or Artwork E*mail Alerts or request a custom commissioned piece of artwork.

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